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Why Should I Join Paparazzi Over Another Company

If you have been looking to start your own business, you have seen there are many options out there to choose from. Especially if you are looking to join an established network marketing company. So why should you choose Paparazzi over the other options out there?

Number One

This is the most important and truly the reason why many consultants start. The jewelry is only $5 each. Yes, there it is. The jewelry is never sold for more or less. It is always $5. Why is this is so awesome? Women love $5 jewelry. There is no talking them into it or proving that what we sell is worth the price. If anything most do not believe it is only $5 when they first see it. 

The price point helps the jewelry to sell itself. All you need is to show it to people. I always tell people at events, “ I don’t sell. I just put the jewelry out and enjoy the weather”

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Number Two

Consultants make 45% commission on every piece of jewelry they sell. This is not based on needing to make or maintain a certain rank. You always make this amount.

Number Three

Lots of new styles are constantly being made available to consultants. There is no only having a handful of items that you will be showing and selling constantly. New inventory is made available to consultants Monday through Friday. An always changing inventory keeps customers coming back to see what's new. 

Number Four

There is no monthly minimum that you have to order to stay active. To be an active Paparazzi consultant you need 200 PV a year. That is all.

Number Five

Paparazzi gives you a free replicated website that you can sell from.

Number Six

You can choose to share your Paparazzi jewelry in just about any way you want to.