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On the Fence About Joining Paparazzi?

Deciding to join Paparazzi can be a big decision. If you are thinking about joining Paparazzi? Or you are just looking for more information? You are in the right place.


There are many reasons to make the step to join us on this jewelry adventure. 

  1. I have been in this business for 4 years. I have learned many different tips and techniques over the years from some of the top earners. I share that and more with my team members because my goal is to have you create the business you want. 
  2. You earn 45% commission on the jewelry that you sell right away. There is no need to hit or maintain a rank to get that amount.
  3. The jewelry sells for $5 each. Women love $5 jewelry. There is no convincing or talking people into buying these items. They sell themselves. All you need to do is to put it in front of them.
  4. You get a free website from Paparazzi to help you sell and recruit.
  5. There is no auto ship.
  6. There is no monthly minimum to stay active.
  7. New Inventory available every day Monday through Friday
  8. Many different places that you can sell the jewelry
  9. Getting started can range from $99 to $499, depending on how much inventory you would like to start with.