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How to Increase Sales at a Vendor Event

You have made the decision to setup shop at one of the many vendor events in your area. You are excited and nervous all at the same time and then it hits you. How are you going to make sales at your vendor event? 

The good news is I’ve been doing vendor events for five years now. I have had sales days that would dizzy the mind. I have also seen vendors at that same event say they were dead and made no money.

So I am going to give you my quick tips to increase sales at a vendor event no matter what you sell

Number One

The first thing is to make sure that you are setup to be shopped. Think about how stores you go into display the items that they want you to purchase. You want shoppers to know what you sell at a glance.

So make sure there are items sitting out that people can look at and even touch if appropriate. I am big on using bright colors in displays to catch someone’s attention from across a field.

Number Two

Signs, signs, signs. You want large bold signs that can easily be read from outside of your sales area. I go with bright pink with black writing.

You do not event have to spend a lot if you do not want to. Poster board and markers from the dollar store will work.

I know that if I have to ask someone how much something costs instead of being able to see if it on a sign, I am probably not going to buy or shop there.

Number Three

Being standing out front of your displays. Too many people at vendor events sit in a chair in the back of their booth staring at their phone waiting for sales. That is a recipe to make no money

Smile, talk to people and be approachable. If you can not stand for long bring a chair up to the front of the area so you are still visible and can interact with people.

I personally use the lean method. I will lean against my tables as I talk to people walking by to let them know why they should enter my booth.

Those three simple steps will help you to make money at a vendor event. But as with anything you need to be selling items that people want. That is why Five dollar jewelry is the perfect thing to do vendor events with.

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