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Fall and Winter Pantone 2021/ 2022

Are you ready for cooler weather? I know I am! I am already shopping for my fall wardrobe and some amazing $5 jewelry to go with it. So I decided to learn about what colors are on trend for the coming season. 

That lead me to the pantone for Fall 2021 and Winter


Green Bee: A grassy green that perpetuates nature.

Tomato Cream: Tomato Cream is a buttery brown that warms the heart.

Ibiza Blue: A stirring island blue hue that rouses our interest.

Illuminating: Friendly and joyful, an optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day.

Winery: Robust Winery implies poise and finesse.

First Blush: A delicate and tender pink.

Downtown Brown: A metropolitan brown with a bit of swagger.

Daylily: An uplifting orange infused yellow with perennial appeal.

Clear Sky: Redolent of the cool blue of a cloudless day.

Red Alert: Red Alert, an impactful red with a suggestive presence.

 Perfectly Pale: Reminiscent of a sandy beach.

Ultimate Gray: Quietly assuring and reliable, Ultimate Gray encourages composure.

Olive Branch: Tasteful green Olive Brown is symbolic of growth.

After Midnight: An invulnerable black infused blue.