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Why Should I Join Paparazzi as a Consultant

Everyone has a different reason why they joined Paparazzi as a consultant. Some do it to be able to pay down debt. Some do it as extra money for vacations. Some do it as a way to gain freedom from having to work for someone else. 

I will tell you my story. I am a single mother to a 14 year old. When I joined Paparazzi my daughter was 10. We were a one income family from my working in medical billing. I had chosen that line of work to have weekends off and work day hours while my daughter was in school. For the most part that worked out. However, money was always tight with just that income. 

We lived paycheck to paycheck and had the usual debt in our life. When I decided to join I had also already experienced 3 layoffs from medical billing jobs in 8 years. (since that time I have been laid off one more). Living paycheck to paycheck and then having my income pulled out from under was a nightmare. 

I knew I needed another source of income. But getting a second job that I would have to spend more time away from my daughter was not an option for me. That is when I found Paparazzi.

I saw an opportunity to bring in extra money each month and be able to do it while my daughter was around. I even realized that I could have her help me so it would be a family business. And that is how it all started.

Now your story might be very different from mine, but realize I did not come from a sales background. I knew I liked the jewelry and knew the price point would make it sell itself. I learned step by step over the years how to optimize what I am doing. I have learned through my upline, studying, and taking courses. The best part of this is when you join under me that I get to share everything that I learned and am still learning with you so that you do not have to spend all the time that I did just getting started.

So make sure that when you join I am listed as your sponsor so that I can help you to move along this journey from all that I have learned.

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