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Part Time Job vs Starting a Business

If you are looking to make extra money every month you have probably considered getting a part time job. You might have even considered starting a business to bring in that extra cash. Now weighing these options can make the difference in just how much extra you can make.

Part Time Job

The usual thing people will say is I want the stability of a part time job. I want to go and get paid and be done. Ok so this is a way to bring some extra in every month.

You will have a set hourly wage. It is usually lower than most and could even be minimum wage. The place will probably only allow you to work so many hours. So the amount of cash you can make is capped by these two things from the start.

Starting a Business

Starting a business gives you freedom and flexibility when it comes to part time income. You decide how much you want to work and how much you want to get paid. 

There is no set hourly wage so what you make is determined by what business you go into. In our Five Dollar jewelry business you make 45% commission on the jewelry you sell and you can earn team building income as well if you choose to go that route.

You can work as many or as few of hours as you want when you have your own business. Do you want to sell 8 hours every Saturday at the local swap meet? Perhaps you want to share your website a few hours a week to make sales. The flexibility is amazing

Are you ready to start making extra income every month? Sign up today so I can help you to start your own Five Dollar jewelry business or if you have any questions you can also contact me anytime.