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Is there an Auto Ship with Paparazzi Jewelry?

If you have been with or ever looked into joining a network marketing company, you have heard about having an auto ship. So the question is there an auto shop with Paparazzi jewelry does come up when someone is looking to become a consultant.

The good news is that there is no mandatory auto ship when you join Paparazzi. You do not even have to order jewelry every month if you do not need or want to.

That is one of the best parts of becoming a consultant with Paparazzi. The flexibility that you can have when it comes to building your own business.

You can chose to order jewelry in how much you need or want at any time. The only rule is that you need to order 200 PV in a rolling 12 month period (that is only 100 pieces of jewelry)

Now I did say auto ship is not mandatory for Paparazzi. But I will say that they have an option called Fashion Fix. This is a monthly subscription to get you 25 new perfectly matched hot trending styled pieces. I love this extra but you do not have to do this to be a consultant.

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