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Is Paparazzi a Scam?

I often get asked the question, is paparazzi a scam or pyramid scheme. I know that many rumors and urban myths circulate about network marketing in general so I am happy to answer when people ask me these questions.

The quick answer is no paparazzi is not a scam or pyramid scheme. Our company has been in business for ten years. Growing and earning awards for the business through out the 10 years. But I am sure you want to know more.

Why is it not a Pyramid Scheme

It is illegal to run a pyramid scheme. So a legit company would never take part in one and neither would I.

The idea that only the first people in or the ones at the top make money is not the way Paparazzi works. There are many consultants that make all of their income off just selling the jewelry. There are also many who have chosen to build teams and out rank their sponsors and make more money then they do.

This is a legitimate business that works when you do. If you are interested in learning more or getting started… Go Here


Network Marketing in general is the best way to start your own business and build long term wealth. The cost to get started is far less then any brick and mortar business. Many can be done exclusively online these days. The businesses has people who are willing to teach and help you to get to your goals instead of having to learn everything the hard way. It is truly a great way to break free of having to work for someone else if that is what you want.